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Kẻ Lừa Dối Tình Yêu - Hotaru The Hyper Swindler

Kẻ Lừa Dối Tình Yêu - Gái Gọi Online
Kẻ Lừa Dối Tình Yêu: Hotaru Amami, who defeats swindlers target women with a sharp consideration and a mature body, is a female private investigator. She is a female supporter. She has saved many of them in the past. The client this time is Kimika Tani, an office lady. She is into Akira, who works at a male host club. She bought $30,000 worth platinum to give it to him as his request. However, Akira disappears and she doesn’t even receive the platinum afterwards. All she’s got is the load to buy the platinum. That’s what it’s called “Paper selling”. As opposition, Hotaru tricks swindlers with the technique called “Tsuridana”.

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